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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Singapore American School

Since I will not be in the US while attending my first year of high school, we had to chose a viable option. That means I'm attending school in Singapore. The school is called: The Singapore American School (as declared by the title) or SAS. And yesterday I had my first real look at it.

Here's what I already knew about it:

It was big, really big. It had 4 schools under the name (or acronym) SAS. The Primary School, the Intermediate School, the Middle School and the High School.

It had 4 gyms and a swimming pool.

And the whole school at 4,000 kids (1,200 in the HS)

But wow, none of that prepared me for how huge it was. I mean like wow!!! SGS could have fit in the entrance (to the High School!!!) with tons of room left over. It was like driving into a college campus. But everything was building. Not like Lakeside's flowing green space but like Roosevelt's 4 story building. With floors in between.

Oh for the love of the greater being that may or may not live beyond the visible universe, SAS is big. Okay, some of you going to those public school like Roosevelt and Ballard and Garfield might not be impressed. So what? Yeah SAS school has a two floor library. Or the parents association for the high school might have their own office (the "Booster" office? I mean really?) Yeah maybe SAS has a two floor cafeteria with a whole section of South East Asia Food and a Subway. Maybe there are four gyms and a swimming pool and an arts centre (cool British spelling) Tennis Courts, AC Charter school buses, ID swipe cards, uniforms (uniforms) and grade colors. Yeah that's about it. But if none of that impresses you big-public-high-schoolers, well then how about this. Yeah your school might have a pool but does it have it's own Jungle right in the center of the HS? Huh? Yeah that's right my school has a Jungle in it! In a courtyard, but it still is a jungle.

Okay that is all for now. Post again later.


PS: Yesterday was the Wednesday the 11th.


  1. For the love of the greater being that may or may not live beyond the visible universe I can't believe you're in Singapore! SAS sounds big. :) Can't wait to hear more! Hope all is well! Miss you!

  2. I hope you are having a great time at SAS and I can't wait for you to update your blog!