A City At Night

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Warning: This post was posted later then it was written.

It is hard for me to imagine sleeping in a different bed then my own. And the best part of a trip, no matter the adventures we have while visiting, is coming home and sleeping in my own bed once again. That is one reason Singapore seamed unreal.

And it stayed that way. While I said goodbye to all my friends and family. Only on the last night when we headed out to the airport, when I had to say goodbye to Bhavani (my cousin), did it finally sink in: we were leaving. Maybe not for a year but defiantly for a long time.

The plane ride was crazy. We lost one day traveling over the international date line and one more day on the plane. When we arrived in Singapore it was 12:00 in the afternoon and we were totally not awake. We spent the rest of the day draped over the furniture watch t.v. and sleeping.

Lets hope this was worth it,
-- Olivia

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  1. Hi Olivia! This is very interesting- I am keeping up with your blog so far- and I wish you the best throughout your year in Singapore- so exciting! :)
    -Alana Saladino